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Unless otherwise noted, workshops are held in Toronto's west end (within a walking distance from Royal York subway station).


The cost of each workshop is $200 + HST and includes:

Personal Finance Classes - Toronto
  • Instruction by a qualified, unbiased professional with hands-on investing experience
  • Course materials
  • Sample templates and additional resources
  • Lunch (full day workshops only)

Private bookings available for groups. Please contact us for details.


Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

This workshop will improve your ability to make informed judgements and effective decisions about the use and management of money. Unfortunately, too many individuals finish formal education without learning basic financial skills, or do not feel confident in applying the knowledge they have. Our financial literacy workshop bridges the gap between what you already know and the skills needed to make sound financial decisions.

Take this workshop if you want to...

  • Improve your ability to manage your personal finances
  • Understand and monitor what your financial advisor is doing with your money
  • Build wealth and plan for the future through smart savings and investment strategies


  • Understand the magic of compound interest and how it can help you reach your goals
  • Calculate and grow your net worth
  • Use "opportunity cost" and "time value of money" concepts to improve decision-making
  • Reduce your overall tax bill using RRSPs and Tax Free Savings Accounts
  • Understand tax breaks available to home buyers (e.g. principal residence exemption, home buyers plan)
  • Understand the pros and cons of different types of investments and how they have performed historically
  • Calculate your return on investment and identify hidden investment costs
  • Understand the basic tax treatment of various investments
  • Learn common investment strategies
  • Understand the difference between "good" debt and "bad" debt
  • Improve and monitor your credit

This workshop does not cover specific stock analysis and selection

Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate is a great way to grow your wealth if done responsibly. Developing the knowledge to correctly identify and analyze potential real estate investments is the necessary first step to becoming a successful real estate investor. This workshop covers the process of investing in income producing properties. Although consideration is given to various types of real estate investments, this series mainly focuses on investing in residential real estate using a “buy and hold” strategy.

If you don't have a good grasp of the topics covered in the Financial Literacy workshop, we recommend participation in that workshop first; these workshops assume participants have a basic understanding of personal finance concepts.

Take these workshops if you want to...

  • Purchase real estate that meets your objectives and provides an adequate return on investment (Note: For purposes of this workshop, we don't consider your “home” to be an investment)
  • Limit the amount of unwelcome "surprises" after the purchase
  • Effectively manage your property to maximize value and increase profits
  • Understand the basics before investing with a professional real estate investor

TOPICS COVERED - Real Estate Investing I

  • Understand the pros and cons of different types of real estate investments
  • Determine which type of real estate investment is for you (if any)   
  • Select the target location(s) for your investment
  • Sort through properties to find suitable investments
  • Analyze potential investments qualitatively and quantitatively
  • Learn to compare different properties and determine their value
  • Identify common “hidden” costs
  • Limit unwelcome “surprises” after the purchase through due diligence procedures
  • Understand common financing options for real estate investing (e.g. traditional mortgages, vendor take-back mortgages, re-advancable mortgages, private financing, variable vs. fixed term mortgages)

To get the most out of this workshop, we recommend participants bring details of a specific property for sale (e.g. financial statements, rent roll, etc). We'll walk you through a step-by-step analysis for that property. Don't have a property in mind? Not to worry. We have plenty of examples that can be used.

TOPICS COVERED - Real Estate Investing II

  • Market your property and attract high quality tenants
  • Avoid common tenant isues through effective tenant screening   
  • Ensure your lease agreement protects your interests
  • Learn strategies to help maximize property cash flow and value
  • Use tax laws to your advantage to minimize and/or defer taxes
  • Understand your obligations and responsibilities as a landlord in Ontario
  • Learn data management and record keeping techniques
Small Business Development

Small Business Development


Are you thinking of starting a business? Have you recently taken the plunge into entrepreneurship? Are you looking for ways to improve and grow your existing small business? If so, this series of workshops is for you. Workshops will be introduced in the near future. If you would like to participate sooner, please contact us. We'll be holding private sessions on these topics in the next few months and may be able to accommodate you.

Take these workshops if you want to...

  • Setup a new business or grow an exisiting business in Ontario
  • Understand and monitor financial information critical to your business operations
  • Streamline your recordkeeping and take advantage of tax deductions available to your business


  • Basic registration and licensing requirements
  • How to structure your business (sole proprietor, partnership, corporation)
  • Key components of a business plan (covers all areas of a business plan except for cash flows)
  • Insurance requirements
  • How does HST apply to your business?


  • Prepare cash flow forecasts for your business and monitor how profitable your business is
  • Understand tax implications and filing requirements, including how to minimize taxes by taking advantage of available deductions
  • How to keep track of your sales and expenses
  • How to quickly scan a financial report and pick out the numbers that matter
  • Key measurement tools, ratios and indicators and what they tell you


- Quickbooks 101

- Social Media for Business

- Excel Basics



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"Money Matters Workshops was able to deliver fact and reason to an otherwise complicated subject via an unbiased and engaging workshop. I was able to learn things about my financial situation in a way that enabled action and encouraged change...Throughout the workshop we were not only shown the "big picture" but we were also provided with details on how to improve (and continue improving) our financial position. The practical component to the workshops really made the difference. The templates were also very useful in applying what we learned. Financial habits are hard to break, but with Monika and Money Matters Workshops I found it easy."

- Milan (2010)

"I just wanted to reiterate my thanks to you and Massimo for holding a great workshop. Even as someone with an accounting background, I was able to learn new concepts and a different way of thinking about money."

- Victor (2010)

"I consider myself to be approaching my senior years yet somehow I was lacking confidence in the financial road I've been travelling. Let’s say I needed a “tune up” and Money Matters Workshops provided me with the tools. Monika and Massimo, you were absolutely right, it is never too late to improve on one's personal finance goals. Your workshops helped me to understand current tax breaks, fix my financial planning for the future, and better communicate concepts with my adult children. My children are so impressed with what I learned in investment strategies that they are now wanting more by enrolling themselves in your workshops. Your sessions on the fundamentals put me back on track, the investing gave me new hope for my financial future and the borrowing workshops allowed me to greatly improve my credit. Thank you for helping me and our family discuss and set goals for building wealth."

- Helen (2010)